About Intermission: The Movie

Intermission is story of a family that slowly disintegrates as children of the family (Nigerian citizens) make personal choices that jar with the dictates of an unbending father (Nigeria) who will neither bend nor hearken to pleas for space to express free of hypocrisy, duplicity, corruption and judgment.

Gambling life and limb for the chance of a new life, the children leave for unknown, often uncharted, destinations. Mother (Naija), caring, prayerful, hopeful and non-judgmental, tries and cries, but is no more able to reach her children, disdainful of her powerlessness, than her husband, who treats her with an admixture of pity and contempt.

Ultimately, mother falls and is impaled on the flag of Nigeria (as are all clean living, good intentioned citizens: shunted for respecting traffic rules, jumped in queues, passed-over for promotion in public office, cheated in business, etc.).

Starring Dakore Egbuson-Akande, Christian Paul, Ruby Akabueze, Emmanuel Osahor and Afro-soul artiste, Ibejii, Intermission is a compelling, highly charged, drama and a must-see short film.

Written and executive-produced by Remi Okunlola, Intermission is produced by Christian Ahiawe and directed by Famous Oraoya.