Lagos, Nigeria
26th January, 2024

Ibejii, the award-winning Nigerian artist, proudly announces the release of his latest and most euphoric album, "Yellow Vanilla." This feel-good sophisti-pop love log seamlessly blends sweet West African sounds with blues, jazz, and soul, marking Ibejii's most ambitious, accessible, and seductive work to date.

If you're new to Ibejii's musical universe, "Yellow Vanilla" serves as the perfect entrée, offering a captivating collection of love anthems. This album, designed for hearts adrift on an island made for two, captures the essence of big yet gentle, raw yet clean, and inviting yet discrete melodies that paint beautiful stories navigating the cracks of life.

Key Tracks:

  • Pink Pineapple: A soulful singer-songwriter anthem exploring escapism, romance, and melancholia, revealing the tale of sensuality and intimacy.
  • Chocolate Hour: Mellow, romantic, and atmospheric, this song blends jazz, soul, and pop to create a lavish production in the style of the Great American Songbook.
  • 8 Billion People: A mid-tempo pop-leaning singer-songwriter anthem celebrating the love of two, maintaining innocence through simplicity in delivery.
  • Love Lives Here: A flutey percussive with slight calypso, featuring Zirra, uncomplicated music stripped down to the basics while missing absolutely nothing.
  • Maybe Baby: A purple tribute to the golden age of pop, a jazzy ballad weaving soul, pop, and jazz to create a sultry sonic ambience.
  • Omo Balogun: A percussive ballad inspired by the spatial movements of West African waka music, lifting the listener to the perfect nirvana that is love.
  • Lantern: A charming ballad featuring Eri, singing of a desire to heal with love, uncomplicating music that lights nightingale’s path to love.
  • Trillion Dollar Dream: A soulful ballad tapping sophisti-jazz, weaving blues, electro-soul, and jazz to create a beautiful sound swearing endless love.
  • Aremu: A languid, melancholic, and occasionally humorous song, taking the listener on a journey into the protagonist's farm life as he lusts after his paramour through every working moment.

Production Credits:

"Yellow Vanilla" was produced by DopeL and mixed and engineered by Emmanuel Ojo and Jajayi of Natialo Studios, Lagos.


"Yellow Vanilla" is available on all major music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

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