You are welcome to learn more about Ibejii, a compelling artiste of Nigerian origin, whose hugely acclaimed body of works, GreenWhiteDope001 and GreenWhiteDope002, represent two distinct strands of a wonderfully talented mind.

Mysterious, eclectic, and enigmatic, Ibejii, the storyteller, uses Yoruba folklore, metaphor and vernacular to deliver tales of love and loss with keen sensitivity.


Solidly rooted in the old values of his Yoruba heritage, renowned for its high incidence of twins and musical giants, London-born Ibejii wears his unusual birth and musical roots as badge of authenticity – a mastery of sound and emotion.

Poet, thinker and romantic, Ibejii’s essence is a fine balance of ‘Taiye’ ‘Kehin’, the physical and the transcendent, timeworn and timeless, African vibe and international sound.

His is a unique genre of storytelling – straddling ‘Afro-Retro’ and ‘Afro-Soul’.

GreenWhiteDope001 and GreenWhiteDope002, formally unveiled in August 2017, are Ibejii’s gifts to the unique world he inhabits. A world of pure souls, of lovers of edifying verse, a world of chivalry and character – of love, life and hope – unbridled, pure and true. A beautiful, beautiful place.

His latest work, Tribal Marks, establishes Ibejii’s leading status within the alternative music universe;

as he serves up a delightful menu of afro-retro tunes, seamlessly woven around contemporary afro-jazz.

Ibejii welcomes lovers of great sound to join this journey of self-discovery – a journey that embraces hope and promise, but also self-doubt and diffidence.