Friday, August 2nd, 2019:

It is hard to believe that Ibejii, the eclectic music artist, has only been on the Nigerian music scene for some three years. Yet, his afro-retro vibe, combining the rhythmic structures of highlife, juju and folk, with the melodic cool and smoothness of contemporary soul, jazz and dance, has found fertile welcome with lovers of alternative music in Nigeria and the diaspora.

Multi-talented storyteller, Ibejii is at once a child of the world, a proud Nigerian and an unabashed possessor of a Yoruba music heritage and consciousness that today define his sound, his writings and his storytelling.

Famed for his multi-sensory stage performances – a collage of light, sound and movement – Ibejii’s annual ‘The Ibejii Live Experience’ #TILX, in its 3rd year, has become a democracy day staple for lovers of freedom and alternative sound. ‘IbejiiDay’, dedicated to celebrating twins, is meanwhile destination for lovers of all things ibeji.

Ibejii has released three critically acclaimed albums, all of which reflect the vastness of his influences, interests and his mind. GreenWhiteDope, is an afro-juju inspired project; Tribal Marks, is an afro-beat inspired project; and MSML is an experimental dance project. Ibejii is set to release his next project, Scattered Elements, a folksy, big band sound, in early 2020.

Ibejii will be live at the inimitable Ake Festival in October 2019.

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Thursday, September 20th, 2018:

Ibejii, the charismatic enigma, delivers Tribal Marks, his third album release in little over a year.

Coming after his maiden 2017 double album releases, GreenWhiteDope001 and GreenWhiteDope002, Tribal Marks establishes Ibejii’s leading status within the alternative music universe; as he serves up a delightful menu of afro-retro tunes, seamlessly woven around contemporary afro-jazz.

With Tribal Marks, Ibejii reveals an expanded dimension to a remarkably talented mind, as he delivers odes to mankind’s infinite creativity, the energy of Lagos, the forbearance of the worker, the unfulfilled promise of leadership; and continues the trademark storytelling appreciated by Ibejii enthusiasts.

Tribal Marks, an 11-track album, is packed with sweet melody, traditional folk sounds and stories that provide rich insight into the beautiful mind of a truly compelling artiste.

Learn more about Ibejii and Tribal Marks at www.ibejii.com.

Follow Ibejii on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ibejiimusic

Tribal Marks is available on your usual digital music channels and at your favourite music stores.